In addition to remain anchored to the traditions, which have enabled the development of the company, Olivieri has expressed its commitment to innovation by opening OLIVIERI BRERA: its flagship permanent store in the heart of Milan in Largo Treves 2, a small square that splits off Solferino in one of the most exclusive areas of Milan.

To offer our customers a wide and comprehensive range of interior design, we have selected and created partnerships with other furniture companies, in the same level of image quality, which allow us to offer our customers a complete range of furniture for interior.

Companies Partner: Inkiostro BIANCO for wallpaper; RENZO SERAFINI for lighting; MEME DESIGN for the design furniture; CARPET EDITION for carpets; CLEAF for melamine materials; MATRIX for interior decoration; MIDJ for the chairs; MBR for decorations on walls; SABINA MONTI for bedding; Morfeus for mattresses; IVV for the objects.


Largo Treves 2 – 20121 Milano
Tel. 02.4954.3283

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via Marecchiese, 275
47900 Rimini (RN) Italy
Tel. +39 0541 727787
Fax +39 0541 728057

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