Olivieri 2018 Fuori Salone

The present and future Olivieri are essentially the Olivieri of the past. Our coming back to our origins travel, started in 2015, can be considered as completed.
After 3 years, we come at the biggest world event in our sector completely renewed:
• 4 new catalogues has been realised
• all collections living and bedroom has been updated
• samples are new and designed according to the today’s trends.
From now on, a new adventure has begun: a new step of our VERY WOOD project.
We have the ambition to make not only quality and trendy collections but also exclusive:
VERY WOOD – STEP 2….work in progress….
By M.Sartini
Olivieri Sales management

New collection LOUVRE

The new day collection Olivieri upgrades with a new and exclusive designed furniture. Louvre is usable both free-standing, single or composed, with several finishing, widths and heights. The “diamante” finishing make this collection absolutely unique.

Night collection Walk-in closet KAB

Olivieri presents KAB. A new walk-in closet with electrified racks, enriched by new decorations on its back panels.

News in 360GRADI system

The 360GRADI system is enriched by new elements, like the “diamante” door, the Prestige central side, the decorated back panels and the new accessories.


KAL bed with upholstered leather vintage headboard and new finishing gray oak open pore frame.


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